Here are some answers to questions that we get about the admission process and Parkview Senior Living Campus in general:

What information should I bring with me when I am admitted to a nursing home?

  • Please bring the following documents when you are admitted to the nursing home. We will need this information for identification, insurance and care purposes.
    • Social Security Card
    • Medicare and/or Insurance Cards
    • Healthcare Directive or Living Will
    • Power of Attorney, Healthcare and/or Financial

What belongings should I bring with me when I am admitted to a nursing home?

  • 3-4 days worth of clothing
  • Undergarments, socks, shoes
  • Personal items to decorate room, such as pictures. A bulletin board is provided to post pictures/cards.
  • If you wish to have phone service in your room, please bring your own phone set. We can help you arrange phone services upon arrival.
  • Personal toiletries that you wish to bring.
  • Walker and/or wheelchair, if you have one of your own and wish to use it here.

What should I avoid bringing with me to the nursing home?

  • We encourage you to bring things that remind you of home, but encourage you to avoid bringing things of great value.

Do I need a doctor’s order to be admitted to the nursing home?

  •  Yes, you will need an official order from your physician that states “admit to nursing home.” You will also need a physical completed by a physician within 7 days before or after admission to nursing home.

Will I automatically have therapies when I am admitted to the nursing home?

  • Not necessarily. This depends on your desire to do so and directions from your physician if you were in the hospital prior to your nursing home admission. If you’ve not been in the hospital recently, on admission, you will be screened by nursing and therapy staff to determine if this would be appropriate for you. If it is appropriate and you decide you’d like to participate in therapies, we would discuss this with your physician and get an order for therapy to evaluate and treat you appropriately to meet your goals.

Who do I talk to about billing and insurance information?

  •  Most insurance and billing questions can be directed to our Business Office. At times there are things that need to be addressed by nursing. If you have a question or concern with your bill and/or insurance claims, please feel free to contact us at 507-938-4151 or stop by Business Office.

Can you use my pills from at home?

  • Yes. However, medications will need to be in their original labeled bottle from the pharmacy. By regulation, we cannot administer medications that are set up in a pill organizer. We will use up what you bring in first, then call the pharmacy of your choice to request refills for you.

Can I keep the same doctor?  Pharmacy?

  • Yes. We encourage you to keep the same doctor and pharmacy who are most familiar with your medical conditions and needs. However, we do have a physician and a nurse practitioner that make rounds monthly. With that, we are able to offer you the comfort of remaining in the facility and letting the doctor “make a house call” to you in your home. There are two pharmacies that do deliver to our facility daily, which allows us to get new medication orders much quicker than receiving it by mail.

Will Medicare cover the cost of my nursing home stay?

  •  Medicare recognizes that some patients have medical and/or therapy needs following a hospital stay. With a 3-day hospital stay, Medicare may cover some of your stay as long as you meet certain requirements. The hospital discharge planner often reviews your hospital records and insurance information to determine if this is an option for you, but our Business Office will also review details of this with you once we know your insurance information and benefits.